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Blue Planet Aquarium



Blue Planet Aqauarium

On Tuesday 24th June and Thursday 26th June we took the Nursery children to Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port.  The children had an amazing time looking at all the sea creatures including sharks, fish, octopus and crabs.  The children even got to touch a starfish! The children were really well behaved on both days and were all so grown up! Well done Nursery!

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The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


On Thursday 19th June we held a Mad Hatters Tea Party in Nursery and the children loved it. The attended the tea party in their key worker groups and ate crisps and cakes as well as some ‘Queen of Hearts’ biscuits that they had made themselves the previous day. The rest of the session was spent busily making part hats, where children chose to be the White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts. Outside, the children played the same game that The Queen of Hearts played in the story: croquet. The children used sticks to hit their balls under the chair legs. They had a great time!

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Hammers and Pins


At our Finger Gym this week, the children are using small pins to attach transport themed pieces to the cork board. The children have to use a wooden hammer to hit the pins into the board. The tacks are really small so the children have to be really careful not to drop them!

photo (3)

Light box phonics!


This week on our light box table we are focusing on sounds and spelling simple words. The children can choose an object like mop, dog, or cup and use the sounds to try and spell the word.

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The Nursery children are doing so well with their sounds that we decided to set up a phonics table! Some children are now even putting sounds together to read simple words. At the phonics table children can find the new sound, write sounds, spell and read words or even make up their own words.


photo (2)

Our New Reading Area



We have been working really hard this week to improve our reading area! We have added some topic book baskets so children know where to put all the books about transport and vehicles. We have added some story baskets so children can retell their favourite stories using props and we have even added some new shelves so we can display our ‘core’ books on them! The children have been remembering to keep the reading area tidy and put things away in the right places.image (2)

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Transport Walk to Willows Lane


Yesterday the Nursery children walked in small groups to Willows Lane to look at the different forms of transport. They took clipboards and digital cameras to record what they saw. They saw an aeroplane, bike, motorbike, truck, van, car, bus and taxi. It was a great experience for all the children as they could even practise crossing the road safely – they looked left, right then left again before crossing the road safely. Back in class, they have been making their own cars using card board boxes, dowelling rods, wheels and cotton reels. They added extra things to their cars like windows and number plates after spotting them on the real cars on the walk.image (3)

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Finger Gym – Cutting Skills week!



Scissor Skills


This week our ‘Finger Gym’ table is focusing on developing children’s cutting skills. There are lots of paint sample cards that they can cut and a box of different patterned papers that they can choose from. The children will be shown how to hold their scissors correctly and how to cut straight, curved and zig zag lines. If you have a pair of children’s scissors at home then please practise using them with your child.

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Stone Soup!


This week we have enjoyed listening to a story called Stone Soup.  In Nursery we have been writing lists of the food the old lady put in the soup, we have been cutting vegetables from the soup and today we even made our own soup! It was delicious!  We buttered our own pieces of bread so that we could dip them in our soup! It was really easy to make and tasted so yummy!


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