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The Nursery Cafe


The Nursery Cafe was a huge success and we would like to thank all of those who attended.  We were so busy we had to quickly get out more tables! The children really enjoyed taking orders and serving their parents.  We are hoping to do this again in the summer term, as it was a great way for parents to get together too and have a chat over cake and tea! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What a wonderful trip!


The Nursery children had a lovely time visiting ‘Cake Delight’ last week.  They walked very sensibly with their partner, checking carefully before they crossed the road.  At the cake shop, the children looked at the menu and chose what they would like.  The lady then served them and they enjoyed eating a chocolate or vanilla cupcake.  After that there was only 1 thing left to do – we went downstairs to pay the lady before setting off back to nursery.  Well done Nursery for being so good on our trip!


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National Poetry Day


National Poetry Day is coming up this Friday 21st March and in Nursery we have already been preparing for it! Our story of the week is a rhyming story about a boy and his Mum who visit a cafe.  We have been playing rhyming games and singing nursery rhymes.  Here is our rhyme about making ‘silly soup’:

We’re making lots of silly soup,

We’re making soup that’s silly,

We’re going to put it in the fridge,

To make it nice and chilly.

In goes a BEE and a TREE,

In goes a HEN and a PEN…etc

(You can then change the rhyming word and see if your child can think of a word that rhymes with it!)

Cake Delight Trip!


The Nursery children will be visiting Cake Delight, a local cake shop on Wednesday 19th March.  At the cafe, they will look at the menu, order and pay the waitress.  Once they have had the experience of visiting a real cafe then hopefully they can role play their experience back in our Nursery cafe!

Fair Trade Fortnight


To support Fair Trade Fortnight, the Nursery children made lots of chocolate treats to sell on our stall. The children melted lots of Fair Trade chocolate to make chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate hearts, chocolate spoons and mini chocolate bars. By the end of the afternoon we had completely sold out and we raised £82! What a fantastic effort, thank you to all the children that donated chocolate bars!


The Enormous Watermelon!


Our story of the week last week was ‘The Enormous Watermelon’.  Here are the Nursery children role playing the story, trying to help Old Mother Hubbard pull the watermelon home!  We did lots of other activities in Nursery related to the story – including cutting and eating watermelon and other types of melon, making watermelon story books and learning new songs about watermelons.  Here are the words to our favourite watermelon song:

Tune: Frere Jacque

Watermelon, Watermelon

Tastes so yummy, tastes so yummy,

Green on the outside, red on the inside,

With black seeds, with black seeds.


Happy Birthday!


On the same day as ‘World Book Day’ we had a birthday in Nursery!  Ameerah Patel turned 4 on Thursday 6th March and she brought a beautiful princess cake in to share with her friends! Happy Birthday Ameerah!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

World Book Day


On Thursday 6th March the nursery children came dressed as thier favourite book characters.  They made a super effort: we had princesses, fairies, superman, spiderman, ninja turtles, iron man, power rangers and many more! Miss Ferns dressed up as Mary Poppins, so the children enjoyed watching a video about Mary Poppins and finding out what she did!


Cookery Club


Last half term some children from KS1 attended the ‘Cookery Club’ ran by Miss Ferns.  Each week the children learnt how to bake or cook something including jam tarts, scones and butterfly cakes.  On the last week the children made pancakes.  They all had a turn at flipping their pancake with some help from Mrs Latchford, then chose their favourite topping: banana, sugar or chocolate! Mmmmmm delicious!


Day For Change 2014



On the last day of half term, we had an Enterprise Day to support ‘Day for Change’ organised by UNICEF. The nursery children had spent all week preparing lovely things to sell on their stall, including bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, biscuits and chocolates. We had lots of customers all day and we were overwhelmed with how much we raised! After counting up all the coins, we made a grand total of £128!!! Well done nursery and thank you to all who came to our stall!


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